Sunday, August 14, 2011

Surya 3 Progress - nearly finished

The detail for the centre section. the complicated hinges
were a 'workaround' for a mistake I made in getting the
height calculated.
14 August 2011: Managed to get the Indicator light fully wired up and it now comes on faithfully after Sunset if the loft-pump is running. I've been doing some draughtproofing, hinge modification and panel strengthening (as listed below).

13 August 2011: Well the long ride is nearly over! the Surya-3 Sunboxes are nearly airtight, with all panels and metal trim on, and just a small amount of draught stripping and electrical to do. What else is there to do, before the scaffolding can come down?

The one-watt GU10 light is mounted on a
transparent shelf at the very centre of the
sunbox assembly.
Well one thing is true, I haven't had to change the plumbing one iota, it is perfect. So for the boxes:

  1.  I need to get the indicator light wired up - it will come on when the sunbox pump is running, and using a photocell, it will only do this at night. It is only a one-watt GU10, and is in a place where I can easily replace the bulb using a ladder, if I have to. It will make the external boxes glow in the dark in the winter, and I suppose walkers on the hill will wonder if I am growing something suspicious in the boxes!
  2. I am going to add bird spikes to the centre section as it took only a day for the centre section to be splashed with bird poo. 
  3. I have a bit extra draught-proofing to do here and there.
  4. The TV Aerial can be shifted downwards to avoid casting a shadow on the PV panels.
  5. I need to fix opening stays to keep the front open (like you have to hold the bonnet of your car open). 
  6. I need to strengthen the panels by adding machine screws here and there, as it is clear that rivets don't hold the 1mm polycarbonate skin securely if pressure is placed on the panel.
  7. I need to modify the main hinges slightly to make the panels open more easily.
  8. The light is working, but it needs mirror reflectors in the box to bounce light about. The light looks great, but it is illuminating brickwork, and needs to illuminate metal!
Really... that's it. I can't think of anything else!

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