Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Surya3 - view from the hill

16 August 2011: I took a walk up the hill to look down at the house. It really does look weird amongst the conventional houses, although I am glad that the house 4 doors down the hill has a full PV roof now, and one just to the right of this photo has had a full PV roof in the last month or so - all ones that I suggested PV to!
Closer up, one can see that the boxes are complete now, and the TV aerial is no longer so high that it is overshading much of the PV roof beyond. I have worked through the checklist of things to do, and only the 'bonnet-stays' are left to do now. I am ever-grateful to Pearson Scaffolding who are willing for the scaffolding to remain up a little longer, so I can observe and test, and think of other small refinements. Most of my refinements now are to do with draft-proofing, or with techniques for future maintenance, such as hinging and locking.

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