Monday, August 29, 2011

Weather Station up

Framework on its mounting,
but not wired up yet
28 August 2011: While the scaffolding is up, I thought I would fit a weather station and it arrived last week. I have had an enjoyable weekend getting it done and up, and it is working.
   If you order one of these, you have to have a good think beforehand of where and how you will be able to fit it. Even if you know the general location, the immediate problems of what it will fix to are there. I couldn't really decide of finalise until I was up on the scaffolding, looking at the immediate site. The main thing is to get the Anenometer in a clean airflow, above the ridge, and clear of everything, including the TV aerial. The Raingauge is near it, but below - that also needs to be in clear space where it isn't over shaded, and not picking up dead leaves etc. The Anenometer has to be oriented very careful so that its North and South align to the true compass angles.

Framework on the work table. The two
units sit on a 38x38 angle
Having wondered where I would drill for anchor bolts, I found that the TV aerial bracket has 4 very solid anchor bolts, well able to take sideways wind loads from my framework. It means that I won't have to drill any more holes in the wall. I also went through my aluminium box, as I wanted to do it with minimal cutting - I managed to do it with no cutting, apart from tiny trimming and mitring. The entire framework is built from recycled metal from the old sun box, or from offcuts. The precise dimensions are thus fortuitous (dependent on the size of the previous sun box, and the angle keeps it well away from the ridge. Finally, the wires had to be led through the body of the Surya-3 Sunbox, led through to a Thermometer and humidity meter sheltering out of direct rain or sunlight below the soffit of the sunbox. I can easily replace the batteries once a year, as the unit is positioned adjacent to the bedroom window.

This is a Lacrosse 1600, and setting up was very easy. Once the batteries are in, the transmitter in the thermometer sends a signal, and the display unit is like a small iPad with buttons. There is a 'Set' button for progressively setting Time, Date, Units etc.

One thing that this may teach me, is whether a small wind generator would be worth fitting. Although there are no buildings south-west of us, we are in a dip, and the main smooth airstream is passing about 50metres plus above the house. At the height of our ridge, it already seems that the wind is too variable and reduced to be useful.

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