Monday, September 12, 2011

Calculating Annual amounts

11 Sept 2011: During the 'old days' of 2007-2009 when I didn't read meters obsessively, I could only estimate from the electricity bills, but the House averaged an annual of 8,500 kWh and the GSHP can only be estimated at 4,800-5,400 kWh - probably the higher of those figures if you include the floor circulating pump - this alone is probably more than 300 kWh (and I shall know by the end of the year as it now has its own meter.) The PV is probably responsible for reducing the house consumption by about 1,600-1,800 kWh, annually, since October 2009.

Depending on the weather and lifestyle factors, there are swings in the ANNUAL AMOUNTS (re-calculated every Sunday).Weather affects PV power, and heat loss, and Lifestyle is things like baths or showers, visitors, birthday cake making or ironing or holidays.
  • The PV annual swings between 3,240 <-----> 3,340
                and currently the amount is ----- 3,299 kWh
  • The Sunbox annual swings between 2,980 <-----> 3,090
                and currently the amount is ----- 3,024 kWh.
  • The GSHP annual swings between a worst last December of 4,245 kWh and currently the amount is an all time low of 3,315 kWh, and is likely to be below 3,299 by the end of Sept. Unless we have another extreme December, I expect the average swing to be between 3,300 and 3,600 when things settle down.
  • The House annual meter swings between a highest last December of 6,300 kWh and a lowest of 5,295 kWh, and currently the amount is 5,308 kWh. (considered since August 2010 when we had precise weekly figures on annual consumption.)
Another thing one can calculate is DAILY AVERAGE kWh of key devices:
  • Oct 2010-Dec 2010
    - Housemeter 23.6,
    - GSHP meter 16.4,
    - PV Roof 3.49,
    - Surya 6.66
    (remember how cold that autumn-winter was!)
  • Jan 2011-Mar 2011 
    - Housemeter 21.3,
    - GSHP meter 15.3,
    - PV Roof 4.7,
    - Surya 5.68
    (much milder weather)
  • April 2011-now, mid Sept 2011 
    - Housemeter 6.3,
    - GSHP meter 2.15,
    - PV Roof 14.64,
    - Surya 10.7

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