Monday, September 12, 2011

Paper for China

One thing I need to add to this diagram is that
we buy our energy from Good Energy who are
100% Renewable, so that does, in a sense,
cover our 'cooking, ironing, lighting, power' etc.
12 Sept 2011: The Istanbul conference has come and gone, and my head of department very kindly delivered my powerpoint to the conference. He wrote to say that it had been well received.
   Apparently, the conference hotel was about 1.5 hours drive from the old city and situated next to an expressway, so in terms of travel and tourism, I didn't miss anything. However, the learning content and networking is something you can only get by being there.
   Unfortunately, for family health reasons, I can't do extended trips abroad, so I shall have to ask my colleagues to deliver papers for me in future.
   I am working on another paper for the Ningbo CSET conference in China at the end of October, and there is a chance now to report more fully on the early performance of the new Surya-3 sun boxes.
  I've been asked to reformat the original paper into the right publishing template (to include data from my most recent summer sunbox rebuilding programme) for the Journal of Low Carbon Technologies.

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