Thursday, September 29, 2011

September 2011 Reports

29 Sept 2011 Postscript: Having had four days with sunny September days, we scored a good sequence of solar capture on the sun boxes (daily amounts of 15, 16, 20, 21, 22 kWh in successive days, the best sequence ever recorded). I did another deep ground test at midnight and the result was 13.6ºC. There is more sun forecast until the end of the month. I can see that unless we have a sudden outbreak of snow, we will have more record low figures for the house and GSHP meter at the start of October.

25 Sept 2011: Thanks to the holiday, we have again broken records, as expected.
  • The house meter is down to 5,265 kWh
  • The GSHP meter at all time low of 3,286 kWh
  • The Sunbox clock at a high of 2,356 hrs
  • Meanwhile, the PV annual is 3,302 kWh and the Sunbox annual is 3,012 kWh.
Let's hope that the next few months see us managing to stay in sight of those figures (last winter, the GSHP annual swooped up to over 4,000 kWh!). As a sign of the coming season, I note that the deep ground temperature is 12.9ºC, a slight drop on that of early September.
Ground Temperatures Aug'09 to Aug'11
   One question that the followers of this blog will want to ask is: "Do the new design of Sunboxes make a difference?" Well, that is a question I want answered too.  I've written a little bit about this, elsewhere in the blog.

18 Sept 2011: We have been on holiday from 14th -23rd September, so the house and GSHP consumption will be much reduced. But this reduction is normal for all households, and was for us in July 2010. Both of our annual figures have dropped below another threshold as a result, the house consuming 5,282 kWh and the GSHP consuming 3,298 kWh. As the PV is nicely balanced around then 3,300 kWh mark, this is satisfactory.

11 Sept 2011: Nottingham had a cold snap at the start of the week, and I had to go to Liverpool for 3 days, so in deference to my wife's preferences, I put the heating to "On". When I got back I was glad to see that there had been a balancing mini-heatwave, and it didn't actually come on at any time because the external thermostat didn't think it was quite cold enough and the internal temperature stayed good enough for it to stay off. Deep ground temperature is holding up at 13.4º (no heating yet to deplete it), and the GSHP again scored an all time record low consumption score of 3,315 kWh
   I'm forecasting that by the end of the month, the annual GSHP should be below 3,299 kWh! Try me!
  (A year ago, annual was: House 6,108 kWh, GSHP 3,996 kWh)

4 Sept 2011: The week has been average to dull for this time of year, including 3 days running of grey grey grey skies. We've only broken one record this week, which is the smallest ever GSHP consumption at 3,317 kWh for the year. If the autumn continues warm (i.e. not at cold as last year) the figures will get even better. Deep ground temperature is 13.4º
  So far I haven't been able to think of any improvements to make to the boxes (sans scaffolding) but I might go up the ladder and drill in two safety hooks or eyes, one at each end, so I can clip a carabina in when going up the ladder. I had thought to add this to the Sunboxes, but the scaffolding came down too quickly.
The final appearance of the house, with scaffolding removed

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