Monday, October 3, 2011

Heat Reclaim coming!

On Monday 3rd October, we are expecting the installer to arrive from EnviroVent, to instal a RetroVent unit. This is a one-room heat reclaim unit that I saw at EcoBuild back in March 2011 and which reckoned was the best of that breed.
     It will be in the combined Kitchen-Dining area of our house. The zone that is most heated in winter, with cooking, living, and a tiled floor over the underfloor heating.
     If this will reduce the heating requirement by an noticeable amount in winter, say 1-2 kWh of GSHP per day, this will add up. I will be comparing the coming season with the previous two - demonstrating the benefits of taking daily readings.

[Postscript Jan 2012: We haven't used this as much as I intended. My wife considers it a waste of money, but I find it useful when there are cooking smells or humidity levels in the air. The idea is to get dehumidification and removal of smells without having to open a window. The winter has been mild, we I cannot claim it has saved lots of heat - but no matter how much cooking was going on, or how large the crowd of people, we have not had to open a kitchen window since October. So it is working.]

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