Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marital Gas Pilot

27 Oct 2011: Although we don't use the gas for heating, we have it, because the builder put it in, because he had already paid the gas board for the mains supply. We installed a gas fire in the living room. We used it a tiny bit in 2007, didn't use it at all during 2008 and 2009, and in 2010, we paid for it to have a clean and then used only 78 pence worth.
   We have a carpet in that room and the underfloor heating is very slow to respond to temperature changes. As my dear wife really finds our living room cold, I felt obliged to have the gas fire available and the damn thing needed another service - because we don't use it, the device gets clogged up and the internal battery discharges, so we are told. It's working now, and we will leave the pilot light on during the winter, so that it stays usable. I already record gas consumption once a week, so I will compute this into overall heating. As it has so far consumed only £5 pounds worth of gas in 4.5 years, this will not add up to much.

Pilot's up!
We have found with delight that the room is now warm without needing to turn the fire on. The pilot light burns quietly all the time during the evenings - it seems to be equivalent to about half a kilowatt. With the good insulation of the room and the curtains closed in the evening, there's enough heat to keep the room warm. Seriously! Although it is a balanced flue device and the emission is going outside, the metal casing of the device is hot enough to emit heat into the room, enough to make it comfortable.

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