Friday, October 14, 2011

PV and Sunbox competition

Yellow is the kilowatt hour PV capture
Blue is the kilowatt hour capture of the Sunbox
Red is the Degree Days, indicating heating demand in Nottingham
14 October 2011: As one of the illustrations for my paper on China, I updated this diagram. It is showing the competition between PV and Sunbox. April and October are the months when the lines cross over and the kilowatt hour earnings change places - we are now moving to a period where the Sunbox does better.
   The red line indicates the Degree Days as an index to the heating requirements. It is based on the weather records from the East Midlands Airport, nearby.
   There is a brief moment in April and October when there is a gentle peaking of the Sunbox capture. The GSHP is working because the heating season has started, but there are still a number of warm sunny days (we wish!). When the GSHP is working there is a delta-T in the system which helps to capture more heat (at a lower temperature). 

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