Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Heatwave

2 Oct 2011: The heat wave at the end of September produced 3 successive PV-Maximum days in a row. As it is after the Equinox, these averaged 13.5 kWh only per day, but it is still nice to have them. The lower harvest is due to lower sun angles and short hours of daylight. It's distressing how quickly it gets dark in the early evenings!
    The nice thing for me was that on the same three days, the Surya-3 Sunbox achieved over 20 kWh and more (63 in total).  The angle of the front face is just about perfect for this time of year.
    It says something about the summer we have had (a lot of cloudy bright conditions) that that last day that PV was close to a maximum was 14th June, and previous to that it was May 1st and 2nd!  On those PV-Max days, the previous design of Sunboxes only managed 16-17 kWh in a day. 

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