Saturday, October 22, 2011

Veissman Technical Guide

Basic Principle of Heat Pump, in Veissman
21 Oct 2011: I have had an interesting evening discovering the range of Veissman heat pumps. I was directed to this by reading an email about the Veissman Technical Guide 9447529 - which is full of much of the most authoritative information on Heat Pumps, installation, boreholes, etc. It's a PDF and can be downloaded from the link on this page.
  I have been able to update my pages on this blog with some of the information about Borehole specification, and I feel very lucky to have discovered this. I will add it to the links on the right hand side, for future reference.
  There is also a very good reference guide on Solar thermal panels, setup, orientation, electrics, etc, in the Veissman Vitosol Technical Guide.
  Weirdly, despite the comprehensive quality of these two excellent publications, there seems no hint whatsoever of the idea of joining them together, i.e. Solar Thermal Charging of the Ground. Perhaps I ought to write to Veissman.

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