Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Reports

For those just arrived, I do a computation of the ANNUAL performance every Sunday, by subtracting this evening's meter reading from the same one, exactly a year ago.

End of the Month: Well this has been a remarkably warm month, with fewer heat pump hours than in March (spring Equinox).  The effect of Sharphill is now reducing solar PV capture significantly. Sunboxes were slightly higher in 2010, probably due to more sun-hours, and greater demand from GSHP)

  • House meter 534kWh, GSHP meter 270kWh, GSHP hours 123hrs
  • (2010 - 705, 477 and 233 respectively)
  • Solar PV 79kWh (2010 - 96kWh)
  • Sunbox meter 167kWh (2010 - 194kWh)
27 Nov 2011: Well, it's the week in which Mark Webber won the Brazilian Grand prix (end of the season), Gary Speed (manager of Wales) unfortunately died at 42, the Leveson enquiry went further with revelations of the hacking crimes of the British tabloids (and revealed that Hugh Grant's middle name is Mungo), the amphibian Newt Gingrich begins to draw ahead of the ragbag candidates of the Reptilian party, Egypt and Syria are in ferment, the Mars rover 'Curiosity' blasted off on its 9 month journey, and nothing much seems to be likely to come from the Durban Climate Change conference; meanwhile, I have to tell you about my metering exploits. Well, as usual, we are breaking records yet again, and in the same week, two of the key performance indicators have gone below even what I could have expected!
  • All time Records Falling: House 4,967 kWh, GSHP 2,972 kWh, GSHP clock 1,381 hrs. These have now fallen below 5,000 and 3,000, and of course, most of this is down to the continuing mild autumn. I accept that if the weather turns, these figures have to turn to, but I hope they never return to 6,000 and 4,000 respectively. (A year ago, annual was: House 6,213 kWh, GSHP 4,162 kWh). 
  • PV 3,364 kWh (I'm happy if it is above 3,300) SB clock 2,423 hrs
  • Sunbox 3,030 kWh (I'm happy as long as it is above 3,000).
  • Deep ground temperature was 11.9º. A year ago it was 10.8ºC. 2 yrs ago it was 8.2ºC. 
20 Nov 2011: So, in the country that Herman Cain can't identify, Libya, Saif Gadaffi has been found, and in Spain the government has changed. I and most of the population have lost track of what is happening to the Euro, so I'd better change to the matter of Metering. We are in the second half of November, and yet the heat pump hasn't used as much as 12kWh in a day since last March! Note, that if we left it on 24 hrs, it would be much higher, but we have a strict timeclock regime to ensure that it only heats when we need it.
  • All time Records Falling: House 5,040 kWh, GSHP 3,053 kWh, GSHP clock 1,430 hrs.
  • (A year ago, annual was: House 6,164 kWh, GSHP 4,104 kWh). It will take a week of v. severe weather for these not to fall to below 5,000 and 3,000 by next Sunday.
  • PV 3,367 kWh (I'm happy if it is above 3,300) SB clock 2,427 hrs
  • Sunbox 3,032 kWh (I'm happy as long as it is above 3,000). Low because GSHP activity is so low, with this mild weather, and only one sunny day in the last week.
  • Deep ground temperature was 11.7ºC. A year ago it was 11.3ºC. 2 yrs ago it was 8.1ºC. This shows that we are well into the heating season. I wonder when the graph will bottom out.
If I might hark back to the the news, the more serious one long term is the failure of the rich countries to do anything about Climate Change (in advance of talks next week in Durban) and to postpone most major decisions to 2020. See the Guardian Environment report of 20 Nov.... showing how important it is for us to do our best to combat energy shortage and reduce carbon emissions (but showing at the same time, how futile it is to do it one house at a time, one country at a time.)
   Looking at the chart below, one can see the winter starting up again and the GSHP tracking the degree days. They will never entirely meet as they are different units. But is it good to see the curves getting closer to each other.
Degree Days (weekly) against GSHP workload (including DHW+floor pump)
13 Nov 2011: So Silvio Berlusconi has finally retired, we've had Remembrance day, and the most palindromic day for 100 yrs (11:11:11:11:11:11), England beat Spain 1-0 in a football friendly, James Murdoch admits that he doesn't know what's going on in his own company... and need we mention the parasites, faux actors, neo-nazis, zombies who think they can be the Republican candidate for the US? No, because it is time for metering news. Another mild week, but mostly very cloudy. Not good for PV nor for Sunbox capture, and the mild temperatures stop the GSHP from being busy.... so another weekend of all-time records.
  • All time Records Falling: House 5,102 kWh, GSHP 3,106 kWh, GSHP clock 1,452 hrs.
  • (A year ago, annual was: House 6,115 kWh, GSHP 4,061 kWh)
  • PV 3,368 kWh (I'm happy if it is above 3,300) SB clock 2,427 hrs
  • Sunbox 3,027 kWh (best ever was 3,094). Low because GSHP activity is so low, with this mild weather.
  • Deep ground temperature is 12.0ºC A year ago it was 11.4ºC. 2 yrs ago it was 8.1ºC.
The higher ground temperature is probably because by this time, the 2010 winter was beginning to 'bite'. However, the autumn-winter of 2009 was similar to the current period, so 12.0 is good compared to 8.1.
6 November 2011: So the G20 leaders spend time in Cannes, Sir Alex Ferguson completes his 25th year at Manchester and some unfortunates on the M5 see a firework display and are caught up in a flamy pile-up. Meanwhile, I have to tell you about my meter readings.
Yet again, the weather continues to be mild after the mildest October on record, and the systems continue to yield some record readings.
  • All time Records Falling: House 5,123 kWh, GSHP 3,156 kWh, GSHP clock 1,475 hrs.
  • (A year ago, annual was: House 6,096 kWh, GSHP 4,046 kWh)
  • PV 3,384 kWh (Another record) SB clock 2,444 hrs. (highest ever)
  • Sunbox 3,065 kWh (best ever was 3,094). Low because GSHP activity is so low.
  • Deep ground temperature is 12.2ºC. A year ago it was 11.7ºC. 2 yrs ago it was 9.2ºC.
Water note: I have recently added more columns to my spreadsheet and can see a cumulative calculation of the annual Water Consumption. Cold water annual seemed to hover about 61 cum/yr in 2010, but in 2011 it is hovering around a figure of 55 cum/yr. The Hot annual seemed to hover about 21-22 cum/yr in 2010, but in 2011 it is hovering around a figure of 18-19 cum/yr. The only reason I can think of is that Henry (our son) used to stay a couple of nights every 2 weeks in 2009-2010, but moved his job to Wareham in Dorset and is not staying regularly. 
Gas note:, we are still using the Pilot light in the evenings (not the fire) and this is using about 2.0 cum/week. I am recording the consumption and will feel duty bound to include this in future heating computations, small as it is.
Weather note: During sunday evening, I have been watching a TV programme about weather, and there seem to be people predicting a tough cold snap coming up - maybe it will come in the New Year. I know that this continuing pattern of all time records being broken every week has to end soon, but I am wondering where this will bottom out. If the weather continues mild into December, the consumption figures will continue to fall.
    My dream scenario would be for the house meter to fall to 4,999 kWh annually and the GS heat pump to 2,999 kWh annually, but surely, both of these are surely an impossibility? If the mild weather continues for a couple of weeks, this might be achieved because the same weeks last year suddenly turned very cold!

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