Sunday, November 13, 2011

Small maintenance jobs

13 Nov 2011: The weather gauge is working well, but at this time of year, there is nowhere for the temperature sensor to hide from the sun on sunny winter days - giving false readings. So I have built an aluminium sun shield that will protect it from direct view - it's the first time up the ladder since June or July 2011, and I quite enjoyed it! The construction all looks sound, and although the fronts are designed to hinge openwards (this is what took more of the time than the main construction) I have no reason yet to open the fronts for maintenance.

Airtight construction?:  I also examined the side panels of the Sunbox and decided that after all the work I did to make it airtight (around the leading edges) and well insulated, I should consider leakage at the sides where the box meets the wall. There are, in fact, many small places at the side where the bucket handle joints in the brickwork are letting cold air in. Cumulatively, that adds up to a lot of unwanted heat loss. So I bought some clear external quality sealant, and this has been fixed up during the weekend. There is still some ventilation along the bottom surface, but this is manageable.

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