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December 2011 Reports

For those just arrived, I do a computation of the ANNUAL performance every Sunday, by subtracting this evening's meter reading from the same one, exactly a year ago.

A Diamond was a girl's best friend here!
26 Dec 2011: Well the last reading of the year has been taken, and we have continued to create all-time records for the energy consumption. But what of the news? 2011 has been a very eventful year, too much for some people - Tsunamis and Earthquakes.... several dictators ended or dead, and one created. This week, it has been 'Goodbye dear leader' Kim Jong Il, and 'Hello! to the great successor' a pudgy faced brat called Kim Jong Un... where will all that lead to? More personality cult I guess. Sorry to hear about Bombs in Damascus, Baghdad and Kabul. The Brazilian economy overtook the British one (do they have 'cuts' too?) not surprisingly, and the government were criticised by the High Court for unjustly changing the Photovoltaic Feed In Tariff. Of course, they will ignore that. [Report] Not really the 'greenest government ever'.... On the good side, a woman finally got justice from the husband who tried to murder her and bury her in a cardboard coffin. Her engagement ring was remarkably effective at cutting her way out [Comment]. And then we had Christmas, so a merry one to all who visit this blog!
  • All time Records Falling: House 4,733 kWh, GSHP 2,734 kWh, GSHP clock 1,255 hrs. (A year ago, annual was: House 6,290 kWh, GSHP 4,216 kWh).  
  • PV 3,371 kWh (Very high! I'm happy if it is above 3,300, it was 3,288 a year ago) 
  • Sunbox energy 3,010kWh (I'm happy as long as it is above 3,000). SB clock 2,444 hrs. 
  • Deep ground temperature is 11.1ºC. A year ago it was 10.0ºC. 2 yrs ago it was 7.5ºC. 
The House meter and the GSHP meter
follow each other with a gap of 2,000 kWh
The higher than expected deep ground temperature is partially explained by us being away for christmas for two days, and for those day, there was some sunshine, but the heating was only on for 3 hours per day. So the ground recovered surprisingly well after its Low of last weekend. I measured it a couple of evenings later, and measured it at midnight after a cold rainy day, and it was 10.7ºC, more realistic.
   There is something uncanny with how the House and GSHP meter readings remain so close to 2,000 different, they are now only ONE kWh away from that exact gap. It must show how consistent our other energy demands are, for power, lighting and cooking. See the graph>

The much used photo of the Hadron Collider
18 Dec 2011: Well, I sometimes think my set-up here is a bit complicated, but compared with CERN's Hadron Collider, in which they believe they may have identified a Higgs Boson, it is very very small, simple and a lot cheaper! Europe seems to rumble on week after week. The writer, polemicist and prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens dies in Houston, and Vaclav Havel, first president of free Czechoslovakia also dies. Quite a lot of people die in Liege thanks to a madman with a gun, and we hope there will be less dying in Iraq now that the US forces pull out entirely after 8.5 years of occupation. Climate change wise, the Philippines are suffering the latest of a series of major tropical storms, this latest one being the most destructive. Meanwhile, I am doing my tiny bit to reduce CO2 emissions from this building, and delay climate change by a three billionth (of the number of buildings on the planet). Yet again, we are breaking all-time records (because December 2010 was so severe).
  • All time Records Falling: House 4,814 kWh, GSHP 2,819 kWh, GSHP clock 1,303 hrs. (A year ago, annual was: House 6,302 kWh, GSHP 4,245 kWh).  
  • PV 3,375 kWh (I'm happy if it is above 3,300, it was precisely 3,296 a year ago) 
  • SB clock 2,448 hrs. Sunbox energy 3,020kWh (I'm happy as long as it is above 3,000). 
  • Deep ground temperature is 10.0ºC. A year ago it was 10.3ºC. 2 yrs ago it was 7.1ºC. 

Diagram of Kepler 22b released to
news agencies by NASA
11 Dec 2011: The news seems to be dominated by Europe and for the UK, Cameron's veto.... further afield, the Durban Climate Change COP17 conference seemed to end in some form of success and agreement, thanks to the efforts of the Danish EU delegate who kept everybody working through the night. It was a bad week for Shias in Kabul (grim event), and for Ferrari owners in Japan (ha-ha). If you don't like it here, there's Kepler 22b, a planet just like ours, with similar atmosphere and temperatures - providing you can find transport to get 600 light years from here. I wonder if they have a socio-economic culture with energy requirements and solar panels, like ours, and even a little guy in a house who records his weekly meter readings like these.
  • All time Records Falling: House 4,846 kWh, GSHP 2,849 kWh, GSHP clock 1,322 hrs. (A year ago, annual was: House 6,302 kWh, GSHP 4,235 kWh).  
  • PV 3,368 kWh (I'm happy if it is above 3,300, it was precisely 3,300 a year ago) 
  • SB clock 2,439 hrs. Sunbox 3,005 kWh (I'm happy as long as it is above 3,000). 
  • Deep ground temperature is 11.0ºC. A year ago it was 10.4ºC. 2 yrs ago it was 7.2ºC. 
I hope the 'all-time record' process continues to the next few sundays of December. That has become something of a target. It is somewhat astonishing how closely the House and GSHP follow each other with a 2,000 kWh difference. We have only had two days this winter where the GSHP edged above 20kWh, and none where the house went above 30kWh.
  I modified the Sunbox thermostat so that it needs a delta-T of 7.0 degs to operate, or an absolute temperature of 17ºC, meaning that it will come on for fewer hours, but be more heat-delivering when it does come on (i.e. higher kilowatts). I suspect the Supercal energy meter has difficulty detecting very small temperature differences between flow and return, so a larger one makes it run more accurately.

Ken Russell 1927-2011
4 Dec 2011: OK, so this week Ken Russell died, Osborne made a speech on Tuesday confirming that the government has turned against the green agenda big-time. The public sector unions had a strike on Wednesday. Jeremy Clarkson made his sick joke about shooting all the strikers. The Leveson Enquiry and the Euro crisis continue. What's going to happen in Durban with the climate change conference? Not much it seems. Herman Cain decided not to be a Reptilian candidate, and returned to the girls in his Pizza parlour. The British Embassy in Tehran is sacked, the Iranian embassy in London is closed. So with the death of Brazilian footballer, Socrates, I have to turn back to the infinitely more humble matter of the Peveril house meters..... The autumnal weather continues another week and so the House and GSHP break records yet again. I can sense that colder weather is coming, and when that happens, I expect the figures to level off or bounce up a bit in the next few weeks. With the colder weather, there is also a drop in the ground temperature, bringing it to the same as for last year :(
  • All time Records Falling: House 4,892 kWh, GSHP 2,900 kWh, GSHP clock 1,344 hrs. (A year ago, annual was: House 6,247 kWh, GSHP 4,185 kWh).  
  • PV 3,373 kWh (I'm happy if it is above 3,300, it was 3,296 a year ago) 
  • SB clock 2,427 hrs. Sunbox 3,045 kWh (I'm happy as long as it is above 3,000). 
  • Deep ground temperature is 10.8ºC. A year ago it was 10.8ºC. 2 yrs ago it was 7.5ºC. Groan...

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