Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Energy prices

11 Jan 2012: There's a lot of news this week about energy prices, with EDF leading , by offering a 5% reduction in GAS prices (and conveniently hoping that the public are forgetting their 15% increase last November.) The wholesale price of Gas has fallen by 9.2% since November, but the distribution costs are such that they can only offer 5%.
    Please note that Good Energy, are voted number one energy supplier in a survey by Which Magazine, for the second year running. They have had their prices pegged for several years, and into next year because? Because? Because the wholesale cost of their fuel is free. It is as free as the wind and as warming and pleasant as the sunshine. Thousands of Home-Generators like me are contributing to their portfolio of power suppliers.
Note that none of the big six figure here,
these are all small suppliers or brokers
If you wish to add to a petition to get other suppliers to reduce energy charges, consider this on line petition
          Or better still, switch to suppliers with a cheaper source of wholesale fuel! (we have been with GE since 2006, when we lived at the previous house).
    Sorry to sound like a grumpy old man here, but I would like to see Gas more expensive (providing that cost was justified, and not just putting profit into EDF's pocket). My first reason is that it is still so cheap that it maintains the drive to install thousands of gas boilers and it deters people from using heat pumps. Secondly, the cost of gas is 'bearable' enough for people to continue with insufficiently insulated buildings. 

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