Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Green Technologies

10 Jan 2012:  The need for the economy to make a transition to green technologies is eloquently explained in this Guardian article by Andrew Simms. 
There's a story here of lost opportunities, governments going back on promises, ideals which get dumped if they are not 'good for business'.... The green movement needs to keep plugging away, it ain't going to come easy.
This comes on the same day as the decision to go ahead with High Speed Train from London to Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds. Although one has some sympathy for the objectors, their claims are very similar ones made in opposition to the rail network 150 years ago - and while people continue to take jetplane flights from those cities to London, there's proof that there is demand for faster travel than presently provided (and to justify the expenditure, I hope that the government of the future will curb the great number of shorthaul jet-flights.

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