Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Strongbow - strong signal

3 Jan 2012: The things you can do with a riveter!
Our BT modem lives at one diagonal of the house, but the laptop used by my wife is in the dining room at the opposite diagonal. It's not a very large house, 9.6m x 7.2m, but the diagonal is cubic.... the modem is upstairs and the dining table downstairs.
   The modem is low powered with only one aerial, and the signal reaches one end of the dining table, but dies off at the other end!
   This is an idea I got from a friend in Italy. It is a Strongbow cider can, cut to form a parabolic reflector with the reflector direction oriented diagonally across the house. The reflector is riveted to a small aluminium bracket, which is taped to the back of the modem.

Cheap and effective! and we now have improved WiFi cover to the dining room, right into the corner!


  1. Does this mean we've lost our free wifi now? ;-)

  2. Hahaha.... less of it goes out through the window! We have two wifi routers, this one has a password, but the other one is open, and I must put a cowling around it. i am not sure if a Steel enclosure (as from a tin of beans) would be better than a drinks can. The can is aluminium, but thinner than paper!!

  3. I need to modify this to point downwards more. needs a longer mountain bracket with the ability to angle it. I must try the same with our other wifi router!


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