Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunny Winter days

PV maximum curve for January
14 Jan 2012: Today has been the coldest of the winter so far, the first day to have below zero temperatures overnight and below zero in the first hours of the morning. But later it was sunny and clear and windless, so by 1pm, it was possible to sit in the outdoor seating of Belle and Jerome basking in sunlight and enjoying a long hot cappuccino, on the coldest day of the year. This also gave us the highest PV score of the year, 4.9 kWh, and the last time we had a score this high was 19th November of last year.
    By this day last year, the Sunboxes had captured only 25 kWh and in the same time of the present year, this one has captured 67 kWh. So perhaps the insulated design has been worthwhile.
   During the cold part of the morning after the Sun had got up and was moving to the south, the temperature inside the SB was safely above 25ÂșC. The daily GSHP consumption for the day was below 20 kWh, which is unusual for such a cold day.

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