Friday, January 20, 2012

Tubes: High temp / Low temp energy

Easy adding of Varisol tubes,
with included manifold
20 Jan 2012: Chris Wood wrote to me with the thought that for adding extra solar capture capacity, I might be better off with a Flat plate solar panel, not tubes. I feel that my existing Sunbox system is in some ways like a large low temperature, less efficient version (perhaps) of a flat plate collector, although mine have the advantage of working in the dark, indeed, all night in summer. I want to discover the contrast between High temperature collection (diluting into the ground loop for shorter hours) and the existing Low temperature (feeding the whole ground loop through the panel for many hours).
My sister-in-laws flat plate panels
     I also like the tubes because they are modular, in that you can have a space, and work out how many tubes can best fit that space - that makes them very versatile.
     Large flat plate collectors don't always fit to the space available, and are large black heavy rectangles. Tubes are also semi-tracking, in that being circular, they are more adaptable to changing solar altitude - for much of the day, there is always part of the tube that is more nearly incident to the sunbeam.

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