Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bottle store thermographic

26 Feb 2012: Bottle store is building up.... if neighbours will drop a few round. 2 Litre plastic milk bottles please!
  Here is a Section showing the shape and size of the cupboard under the stairs. The underfloor heating Manifold is against the wall - and sometimes in the Winter it is running at over 40ºC ! Well worth using that surplus heat! At the moment I am just putting bottles at the end, but I will have to design some sort of rack to use it most efficiently - allowing the bottles to be upright (mostly) in case the water wants to expand slightly, and to carry the weight of the upper group. I have some chromed metal mesh racking that I found in a skip, so will use that when there are enough.
 This Thermographic of the end of the store shows a few bottles sitting upright. In the bottom right is the manifold that it still above 25º about 4 hours after the heating was turned off. In the far corner, it is clear that the underfloor heating pipes are not laid under the quarter landing, so the corner bottles need to be raised on an insulation bed. Their bottoms are cooler, by a small amount. There are 4 bottles on the floor at the moment, and the item above them that looks like one is the insulated floor heating pipe that has a warm elbow, just where it looks like a bottle cap to the camera.

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