Friday, February 10, 2012

Check Loft Insulation

9 Feb 2012: Your loft may have been insulated, but has the insulation been tucked closely up against the rafters and other edge conditions - or are there gaps showing?
This loft has 400mm of insulation off to the left, and in the foreground, it is 200mm of insulation with boarding over. Both of these are effective, but the junction between needs looking at. Where they meet, there is an awkward gap, with plenty of heat leaking up into the loft space. The metal plates fasting the trussed rafters also conducts heat upwards efficiently.
  This photo has given me ideas for additional work to make our loft more effectively insulated. The circle around the light tube was leaking warm air horribly! That is now sealed, and it made me realise how small flies have managed to get into the light tube.

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