Saturday, February 4, 2012

February weather

4th Feb 2012: Well we didn't have a winter in 2011, it delegated 2010 and 2012 to hold winters instead. Because UK has been experiencing a high with easterly wind from Russia we've had clear skies and good sunshine for the PV, including two PV Maximum days during the recent week, with perfect Bell curves in the solar graph.  Snow is forecast for the next few days (see below) and I am hoping that the cold spell will not dip the ground temperature below 10ÂșC although I know that when I compute annual consumptions in the first week of February, they will be slightly up.

BBC graph of snow coming...
We have had it easy compared with countries in Europe. It's minus 20 in Moscow and there has been snow in most of Europe, even in the the Balearic Islands. Even Dubai and Abu Dhabi have had snow and below zero temperatures for the first time in the memory of most people living (colder than England at the same time).

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