Monday, February 20, 2012

Flexible insulated pipe

20 Feb 2012: Gerry of MG Renewables drew my attention to the existence of Flexible Stainless Steel Insulated piping - expensive, but incredibly labour saving (and risk reducing with far fewer joints). A typical product is Armaflex. (Picture from 2020 Solar website. this largely reduces my anxiety about getting the plumbing installed in the house - the most difficult part being where we go through the underfloor heated first floor.
  MG will send their plumber round for a reconnaissance quite soon, and we will try to do this in the second half of March when the current PV-FIT madness period subsides and they have time to turn back to solar thermal. 


  1. Armaflex LTD is particularly effective at preventing moisture ingress and ensuring long term thermal efficiency

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