Monday, February 20, 2012

Hose or pipe?

20 Feb 2012: Thinking about the installation of the evacuated tubes, I am remembering the horrible job I had in Jan 2010, laying copper pipes through the house. It is one thing to be using a blow lamp in confined conditions with empty pipes, but I shall have a system running at the same time, right next to the new pipes. I am tempted to ask if I can use flexible tubing/hosing instead of copper piping. There would be brass unions at each end as they change back to copper. The pressure is low, and there are some tubings that work in a range of -20 to +80ÂșC. Being narrow and flexible and only needing to run at One litre/min, it would be easy to thread 15mm flexible tubing through the existing apertures. I will get advice from Tennant Rubber who supply high quality industrial tubing, and will also ask MG Renewables and Kingspan.

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