Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Images of Varisol

27 Feb 2012: Here are a couple of my 3D rendered images updated somewhat to include what I hope to add in the near future, the inclusion of the Kingspan Varisol tubes. They are done with ArchiCAD.
  First, the 3D view from up the hill, with the 2m length tubes sitting horizontally between the roof lights, with a 2ยบ fall. It's a pity that I only have that horizontal space. Perhaps they would be better on the west side. I like the neatness of them being all on the one side, and there is a southward tilt to that east roof.
   Logic tells me that if heat rises, then they are better placed vertically, i.e. running UP the slope of the roof not along it. Copper is so conductive that I am probably worrying too much, but I will ask MGR and KSR about this.
This is the schematic view I have used for the last couple of years to illustrate the relationship of main components in the system, updated to reflect the new Sunbox shape, and now showing the tubes in between. 

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