Monday, February 20, 2012

Kingspan tubes progress

20 Feb 2012: Kingspan Renewables have agreed to support the Peveril Solar house project, and we've agreed that I will pay a modest deposit for the kit, which will be refundable should they move into marketing ground source heatpumps with any element of thermal energy charaging.
   I've written to Kingspan Renewables to go ahead with invoicing me for a deposit on the Varisol evacuated tubes.
   I've asked MG Renewables to send their plumber to do a reconnaissance (I am tempted to consider this instead of the copper soldering nightmare I had in early 2010) and to timetable the scaffolding and installation for second half of March 2012.
  If the tubes work, this could of course be combined with a water tank, whereby one would get ones free hot water. Surplus solar thermal heat (when the water tank was at a satisfactory temperature) would be delivered to the borehole - a simple thermostatically operated valve can do this.

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