Sunday, February 12, 2012

PV on a very cold day

9.6 kWh in a single February day!
11 Feb 2012: Saturday was one of the coldest days of the winter after the coldest night, but with the High Pressure zone static over the UK, the air was astonishingly clear and the penetrating sunshine made things warm quickly. We had the highest PV capture for many months, 9.60 kWh in a day. PV likes the combination of sunshine with cold air temperature. The Sunbox harvest was good too at 12 kWh in one day. When the air temperature was below zero, the sun box air temperature was in the high twenties.
   However, we have the odd statistic that the GSHP consumption exceeded the House consumption, an unusual event that only occurs on days which are very cold, but have high sunshine, enough PV to wipe out the consumption of the house. The GSHP exceeded 30 kWh in a day, the first time since December 2010 (I left the heating on, even when we went out for the afternoon).
   The perfect bell curve above is slightly biased towards the morning, because of the easterly orientation of the PV panels. The PV annual has tipped over the 3,400 mark which is odd, because they cannot be tuned like the Heat Pump, they either work or they don't. It shows that we have had statistically a lot more sun that in the previous two years.

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