Saturday, March 31, 2012

First morning with System 23

31 March 2012: The Kingspan Varisol tubes system is running quite well today with the System 23 setting, despite there being no Sun! The air temperature is only about 10º but is about 16º in the manifold. With the heat pump working, and putting out 5º to the ground loop, and a delta-T trigger of 4degrees, it is working busily away. It is annoying that the clock on the controller unit is in integer hours, so one doesn't see accurate times. It also seems to reset to zero every 24 hours, so if you don't note it, that information is lost. I had to rewire the controller (see below) before it actually sent any power to the pump.
   Now that this is working, I notice from the manual that there is more that can be done. An SD card can be inserted in the side of the controller unit to record activity. Also, with additional sensors, one can get the unit to work as a data logger, displaying past activity.
The controller needed rewiring because in the System 23 (swimming pool mode)
AC pump power is sent to the 'secondary' pump which requires wiring the pump wires
 to the contacts on the right hand group.

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