Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Installation of Tubes

28 March 2012: The plumbers have been here from MG Renewables and JL Philips.
 Racking on the roof - one PV panel displaced, but still producing power.
 Steve is quick off the mark getting the Kingspan pumping station fitted.
 Pumping station with its expansion vessel. Looking at that made me realise more clearly what my problem with the existing system has been - these are really inexpensive and if I had known more about  plumbing, I would have fitted one in 2010.
 The plumbing at the north end of the house evolves, and the new circuit is connected (but not yet filled) and there is a volume and energy meter on it.
The top up bottle for the entire system is now lifted about 400mm to give more gravity pressure on the whole of the system. 

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