Sunday, March 11, 2012

More liquid needed in system

11 Mar 2012: I noticed that the topping up bottle in the loft was a bit low, but when I cleared a few airlocks in other parts of the system, the whole lot of visible water disappeared.
    I then used a 4 litre bottle and funnel to top the pressure bottle up, and needed about 8 litres to get it right. A bit more and then a bit more air would escape. I wonder if the airlocks have affected performance, I am sure they have. But the level is correct now and I don't detect more airlocks. I noticed while doing the Mylar inside that there was a bit of gurgling, and this can indicated some trapped air.
   I didn't add more glycol, as there is plenty in the system already, and more will be added when the evacuated tubes are added.

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