Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mylar inside Sunbox

11 Mar 2012: I have been up the ladder trying to find uses for my roll of Mylar. The interior mirrors on the floor have been ineffective in aluminium, so they will now have a shiny Mylar surface, for upward reflection. Their position is intended to boost summer time productivity. 
Surya Sunbox with the front panel open
Solar angles at midday solstice
This was my first serious bit of maintenance since the panels were built, and it's great that the panel fronts opened correctly and the laboriously built jackstays held the panels open at the right distance for maintenance access.  It's fun to get the boiler suit on and shin up the ladder (with a helmet and safety rope, of course)
I shall also put mylar on the upper mirrors which were intended for boosting the performance in Winter and Equinox. They were very effective in their first year, but seem very grey now. Their angle is such that they are not effective in summer because I was worried about overheating inside - but in morning and afternoon summer angles, they are helpful.

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