Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mylar on the upper mirror

Night photo, with some iPhone lens flare. the right half
of the Mylar is stuck on, the left half is flapping.
17 Mar 2012: I have finally had the courage to go up the ladder to the highest point, and have a go at increasing the reflectivity of the upper aluminium reflectors - I want them to be more like 'mirrors', as they were first intended. Mylar is difficult to handle as it is incredibly thin, and blows around or away in the slightest breeze - although it doesn't crumble like aluminium foil. Also, it tears at the slightest provocation - it is quite strong in the surface tension, but if there is the slightest scissor-nick in the edge, it will tear rapidly from that edge defect - carrying a cut sheet is difficult if it is also blowing.
  I have done the right hand sunbox reflector, the one that has the thermal sensor in. I noticed a week ago that the temperature inside got up to nearly 60ÂșC, and the only change had been the Mylar put on the inside mirror position. So I look forward to the next sunny day to see if the external mirror has an effect. If we have a windy day, I am willing to be philosophical if I see the Mylar hanging by a thread in the wind. It is only held on with patches of duct tape, not a continuous strip. That may be a mistake, but it was getting dark and I don't enjoy being up the top of the ladder.
Daytime photo on a sunny day. The Mylar is more reflective,
and slight wrinkles are due to the use of spots of duct tape,
rather than on long section of tape. If these were on the ground
they would get a long line of tape.
Poised on a ladder at 6m altitude, I am less fussy.

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