Sunday, March 25, 2012

Savita: end of the line

25 March 2012: Readers who have followed this blog may have wondered why the current Sunbox is called Surya-3....
  what happened to model number 2?

Well here it is, in the process of deconstruction and recycling. I made it in May 2010 in a fit of enthusiasm, thinking that I would make a PV-Thermal panel using the same principles - got the sun box made, got the radiator, got the energy meter, pump and thermostat - but somehow, I didn't want to knock more holes in my wall and the original Surya-1 Sunbox was doing well and it seemed wrong to upset the data capture for that. Blaise was not keen, and it seemed that you should give each stage of the project a year to prove itself before moving to the next design.
  The energy meter, pump and thermostat were erected on the system in East Leake, but regrettably, the plumbing (that I did NOT do) was so leaky and badly done that it never worked efficiently, and I haven't yet recovered that kit - all that is needed is some fixes to the plumbing and it will work. The Plumbing method is the same as I have now changed mine to for the Peveril Solar house.
  This Surya-2 (which I called Savita) has been in the garden for nearly 2 years, but I don't intend to erect it or do any more with it. However, the lineage of the current design is evident, with the 70ยบ slope at the front. Also, this was built in record quick time, as an experiment in 'value engineering', i.e. being able to make a sun box in such short time that it becomes economic to use on other houses.
Previous History:
Savita Radiator painting
Savita first view of model

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