Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunbox pump fail!

1 Mar 2012: Oh bother....! I have been putting off installing the new Energy meter, but as the old one was working, I postponed it.... but I shall have to replace it very soon.
Early photo of the pump and meter before insulation was added
    Today, we have had a lovely sunny day with maximum PV, and 13-14 hours of time on the clock - there was no movement in the volume meter, and none on the kilowatt hour meter. Today should have brought about 16-20 kilowatt hours in the sun boxes! I noticed that the day before, there was less volume pumped and fewer kWh than the clock would have indicated.... so now, I know why!
  As the volume meter shows nothing moved, and the pump is silent even though power is being sent to it, I have to presume that the problem is the pump.

  Thankfully, central heating pumps are not too expensive, and I could take the opportunity to use one of the low energy consumption pumps. I gather that Wilos are good for refrigerant, but this is a Wilo and it has failed - but it was second hand when I got it, so cannot complain perhaps.
   I shall keep the Sunbox clock going so I can interpolate how much energy I would have received. Also, I notice that the temperature in the box is Much Higher than it would normally be because it does not have 8 square meters of cooling panel. So I must open the top and bottom ventilators to flush that heat out! Stagnation could overheat the polypropylene collectors!

Postscript: Most circulating pumps have a temp range from +2degC to 60 or 70degC. I am annoyed to see that ones that will support a wider range, going to -10degs are three times the price! I must check the pump and see if it is the pump, the thermostat or the valve going wrong... all this takes time as I have to turn things on downstairs, then go up to loft to see if things working... :(

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