Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunny day in March! Sunbox work well

Surya Sunbox control unit. The upper picture displays a
high temperature in the Sunbox, and the lower image
is the temperature of liquid going down to the ground.
32ºC? I have never previously seen one higher than the mid 20s.
11th March 2012: Today is exceptionally sunny and clear, with a very high PV score, not quite as good as 5th Match, but still very high.
   For me, with the new valve actuator fitted, I was glad to see that the sun box powered its way past the 20kWh mark and it is still mid afternoon. I expect it to continue storing heat-energy late into the evening. This is the first major test in 2012 of the new insulated design. I had some excellent days last autumn at the end of September, and we are having them now.
   I am planning to change the plumbing arrangements, but for now, here is an update. I have never previously seen the Sunbox temperature more than 45º, but today, it has been in the mid 50s for much of the day, and I witnessed it peaking at 59.7ºC (and it may have briefly touched 60º while I did not see it) It is tedious standing there hoping for a change of single decimal points. So I just have to hope to check it, and find a high figure (need a reliable datalogger)
   Perhaps this demonstrates that the work on the new design was worth doing. Our annual solar capture is now consistently around at 3,000-3,080 kWh, whereas with the earlier design, it hovered around at the 2,950-3,000 mark. Also, the air temperatures were cold this morning, but with the insulated construction, the sunbox got going even before I was out of bed, with help from the morning sun.
Solar capture for 11 March 2012

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