Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tubes: Reconnaissance and Scaffolding

20 March 2012: Progress is being made on the proposal for some evacuated tubes on the roof.
    I have had a visit from Jason Phillips (of JL Phillips), representing M & G Renewables, for a reconnaissance of what needs doing for the tubes. There is not a lot, as the plumbing downstairs needs a small modification, and the rest is in the loft.

Downstairs, I shall get rid of the 3 port valve, replacing it with a non-return valve. We have an almost plug-in-ready connection point in the loft for the additional circuit - just needs to be modified slightly from my existing layout. There is a convenient location for the pumping station, pressure vessel and energy meter, I only need to fix up some more timber panel to fix them to. I will ask for the thermostat-control unit to be downstairs next to the existing one, next to the heat pump.
   Therefore, I have rung Richard Pearson (of Pearson Scaffolding) to make a start on a scaffold for the rear wall. It will go up between the two drain pipes. The PV should only be down for a day while they fix the metal rack to hold the tubes. 

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