Thursday, March 1, 2012

Visit by MArch students

29 Feb 2012: As if in celebration of the Leap Day, I had 10 special visitors from the University of Nottingham - postgrad students from the M.Arch Environment course.
   They have recently been to see Julian Marsh's house, so this was another house-visit to see how some renewable technologies are used.
   Julian has about 99 ideas all contributing something to the overall energy efficient picture, even including the selection of materials and choices about shopping and car storage. The Peveril Solar house doesn't have quite that many, but there is still an interesting interaction of some key technologies (PV, GSHP, Surya), plus a marginal contribution of some minor ones (bottle store, Envirovent, induction hob, light tube, etc).
  One important difference is that Julian's house is uniquely tailored by him for his lifestyle, whereas this house is essentially a developer house, but adapted.
  Every year there is something different for the students to see, next year, they may be seeing the Evacuated Tubes and the PVT system in action.

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