Monday, April 30, 2012

Building a Heat Exchanger enclosure

29 April 2012: The heat exchanger needs to be insulated, so I have built a special insulated housing using rigid Celotex foam. The foam was randomly chosen (out of a skip) but it was the perfect quantity, leaving almost no waste. Above is the initial cutting process, with considerable care to get it cut precisely so that there would be no air gaps.
 The box is built up with a base and the sides, and all edges are glued, taped and also sealed with sealant. Next is to fill in space within the box around the pipes of the exchanger, and to make the lid that could fit over the pipes entering and leaving the exchanger.
I have the fittings, but I am not ready to plumb it in yet, I need to progress in recordable, steady steps. 

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