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CIBSE/ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2012

20 April 2012: The CIBSE/ASHRAE Technical Symposium 2012 was held on 18-19 April at ICL (Imperial College London).

How did I come to be there? Well, last winter, one of my ex-students (who had done a dissertation about the Peveril Solar House) suggested that I send in an abstract. I did that, and it was accepted, so I had to send the paper in sometime in early February. I had to complete the Powerpoint by early April, and of course things had moved on a bit with the installation of the Evacuated Tubes and the leaks in the original Sunbox. The comparison of the two is going to be of interest to engineers, once I get the energy meters working.

I couldn't get there on the 18th due to the New York trip, so I travelled down by train for only the half day of the 19th. I had to give my 18 minute presentation almost as soon as I arrived at the ICL building. This is the first time I have had to present a refereed paper at a symposium (yes, surprising, but that is because I have been on a Teaching-only contract for 22 years) I was extremely nervous in the presence of Building Services Engineers, and the paper before mine was very technical.

Here is a PDF of the 20 minute presentation
I thought it went down OK, but always feel humbled when others present such magnificent tables of data logged figures, computer modelling and analyses etc. Many of the people here were presenting the results of PhD work.
   There were some questions after, with plenty of interest in my project. Maybe because I am used to presenting to architectural students, my PPT was more colourfully illustrated, and I conveyed my self deprecating humour a bit, including pointing out the problems I had with the recent leak, and comparisons between the Sunbox and the Evac-Tubes.

ASHRAE is the American version of our British CIBSE, and it was great to see so many international delegates, from the States, but also from other countries, including India. Click the logos above to transport to their websites.

One of my final point was about the time-lag of acceptability of ideas like this, perhaps 30 years. I referred to the Catalytic Converter for cars and the Safety Elevator for buildings. The president of CIBSE, Andy Ford said that the idea had been around since the turn of the century, so we are perhaps halfway through that period. More real installed case studies are required for it to become commercial.
(see the next Blog entry which is the story of how my paper won the audience vote)


  1. Hi David,
    Great Paper. Great award--for those who do not know-David won the best Paper award in the symposium. I am the lone Indian who presented a Paper titled "Fast Tracking Energy Efficient buildings by separating the Building from the Occupants-a New 21st century approach".
    It was a wonderful confluence of brainpower.David, it was great meeting you.You should also put the Award photo taken by me on this blog.-Kishore Bhattacharya

    1. Hi Kishore. You may see that I have replaced the picture in the article that follows this with your own photograph which was sharper and better than the one taken with my mobile phone. I also included your name and the title of your paper.


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