Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hit rate on this Blog

24 April 2012: The readership rate on this site continues to surprise me - and it is pleasing. I expected a rise in hit rate after the CIBSE symposium, but really, there has been consistent readership prior to that, usually over 200 visitors a day.
   The CIBSE after-effect is good. The recognition given to my paper shows that there is significance in this technology in furthering the future of Ground Source Heat Pumps - making them more efficient - but there are many wrinkles to be ironed out, and I am finding most of them!
    I feel added responsibility to get this right, and to document everything. I feel that I have proved that high-volume-low-temperature is effective, but I need to find a reliable source of swimming pool panels. The ones I can find by googling are nothing like as good as the ones I am presently using, and I would like to get some into stock as a precaution, in case someone else wants an installation.
PS. David Atkins has told me to look at the website of SolarFocus in Austria, and they have a UK agent, Oxford Renewables! About 100 pounds each.

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