Monday, April 30, 2012

Re-organise Meters

Before the alteration
29 April 2012: I have done some re-organisation in the loft. Firstly the new Supercal 440/ 531 meter for the Sunbox was leaking and the washer needed resetting in the joint - it doesn't leak any more! This meter runs off the mains so it cannot run out of battery life like the old one.
   Then the plumbing for the Tubes needed re-organising, as the evacuated tube plumbers got the Supercal 539 energy meter and sensor in the wrong way round. Wasn't entirely their fault as they didn't ask, I assumed they would know. Perhaps I will change that old energy meter as the old meter has limited battery life left, and it was failing before. I phoned the supplier and they say that the battery is not replaceable. The whole unit has to be replaced after 6-8 years. It may be almost that old already!
   I added back in my old pump, because it will be needed in future to push ground loop liquid through the heat exchanger when it comes in. Above is the plumbing before, and below is taken after the work is done. So far, no leaks observed, so I have now also insulated the pipes.
Alteration achieved!
The small amount of plumbing, off to the lower right of the picture needs a complete rebuild as it was installed running along the floor, and is too low to adapt, and too low to use the draincock, lower right. I can raise that 30 cm, enabling me to add in the heat exchanger.

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