Sunday, April 8, 2012

Repair progress 8 April '12

8 April 2012: Well, I seem to have completed the repair, but I am off to New York for the week starting Monday, and need this system to run for a day and have it observed closely. So the system is decommissioned until I return. My worry is that the level is never good in the high top up bottle, and I wonder if there is another leak somewhere, e.g., in the ground loop manifold. I need to open the ground loop manhole, lift out the insulation and check for traces of coolant.
   There are no leaks that I know of in the above ground system. While running the heat pump and the tubes ONLY, there are no drop-offs in coolant level, which makes me think there is no underground leak. But when I include the Sunbox circuit, the top-up bottle keeps needing a top up even though there are no drips coming from anywhere.

Having run the system for a while and seen no leaks, I have put the right hand sun box front panel on.
Now, the centre small panel and mini-roof are in place.
 Now, both the front panels are on. I take the dog for a walk and enjoy the view. Everything seems to be working, apart from this worry about the top up bottle needing so much water.
 Mr Makita is an ever present help.
Take a rest after work. 


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