Saturday, April 21, 2012

Restart the Surya system

21 April 2012: I have fitted the non-return valve, checked again for leaks, topped up the system, and set it going again. Fingers crossed, etc etc. I will watch it for a few days, check the exterior frequently, sort out any remaining leaks, and then re-insulate all the exposed pipes. I had to make a decision to move the Ground loop sensor from the pipe going down to the pipe going up. This is because when the GSHP has finished work, a lot of cold liquid goes down to the ground before the thermostat realises it is time to stop. Putting the cold sensor on the up-coming liquid will mean that the pump will only go when there is a delta-T between the deeper ground temperature and the Sunbox. Fewer hours, but less cold liquid sent down.

   I notice that the new arrangement is, like the tubes, more intermittent than before, although that could be due to the weather. There should be less wastage of pumping time.
   I am sorry that i will not be able to read easily the temperature of the liquid coming down from the panels. Perhaps I should invest in a conventional solar controller, that is able to show three temperature locations, so I can see the up and the down temperatures.
      It is really good to see it working again. However.... the Energy Meter needs to be re-connected, the new one that I bought in January but didn't fit. Then we can resume taking readings again!

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