Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 2012 reports

For those just arrived, I do a computation of the ANNUAL performance every Sunday, by subtracting this evening's meter reading from the same one, exactly a year ago. I add the weekly report to this blog diary entry, every week.

27 May 2012: The weather has been amazing, a week of 'PV Maxima' every day, and still continuing into the week after. At last, something is being done to redress the terrible April and early May, and the metering figures have improved. The deep ground temperature has reached a level that it normally takes all summer to reach - this may be helped partially by my cleaning the water out of the manifold and sealing the manhole. I feel sad for not having done it before, as we should have done better in earlier summers with a dry manifold. I am hoping that with the extra contribution of the Tubes, we will have better performance in future.
Illustration shows a sequence of >20kWh daily PV
  • 4,954 kWh for the House and 2,948 kWh GSHP. The 'rot' has stopped, thanks to this exceptionally good week, balancing the dire conditions of most of Spring. The GSHP used only 0.90 kWh on one day, despite a running of the washing machine during the day. It would have been a massive disappointment to have gone through the 5,000 and 3,000 barriers.
  • PV annual figure has recovered slightly, to 3,269 kWh. It's tough for any set of figures to compete against the Spring of 2011 which was freakishly good weather. The PV performance has exceeded 20kWh every day of the week, including a high of >25kWh.
  • Sunbox is working well and so are the tubes. I have got used to a regular achievement of 18kWh for a day, and the Tubes are achieving 6kWh or 7kWh /day. The meter does not do decimal points, so that is probably an average of 6.5 kWh/day.
  • Ground temperature is 13.5ºC. I am actually a little disappointed, as I have seen so much thermal energy going down, and the upcoming temperature being always above 14ºC. But my strict testing conditions are always to be Midnight on a Sunday, so I have to accept that the energy moves out to fill the volume. If I tested at 8pm it would be about 14.5º. 13.5º is as high as it gets usually in midsummer. 

20 May 2012: Well the world has been full of news, but first the Peveril Metering. The May weather has continued to be as cold and miserable as the April weather. Not so much rain, but overcast most days with cold night temperatures, still below 10ºC. This weather is pushing our two main consumption figures closer to the 3,000 and 5,000 mark than I would like, and pushing down our PV and Surya solar performance too.
  • 4,949 kWh for the House and 2,946 kWh GSHP, with the recent cold weather continuing. When will the 'Winter' end? It is uncanny how difference between these two figures remain so accurately to nearly 2,000 kWh apart - This figure is for lighting, cooking and power, modified by PV.
  • PV has dropped to 3,239 kWh. It's been another overcast week, comparing badly with last year, and badly with our supreme annual figures of over 3,450 kWh a couple of months ago!
  • Sunbox is working, and I have got some figures now, and its looking good, but I need a few sunny days to know for sure. I know from past data that their annual solar capture is in the region 2,950-3070, so will not attempt to calculate precise annual figures until April 2013. The Tubes have their heat exchanger and I repositioned it to remove all possible airlocks, and that has improved things slightly, but they are still only about a fraction as good as the real Sunbox. I expect them to get 600-700 kWh in the entire year, but at the moment, it is looking like being less than that. I must start writing an article for the SET conference in Vancouver, writing up my observations so far, comparing Tubes with Sunbox.
  • Ground temperature is 11.8ºC. A drop from last week's high of 12.5º, but I expected that.
13 May 2012: 

  • 4,909 kWh for the House and 2,918 kWh GSHP, with the recent cold weather comparing badly with May 2011. However... warm weather has returned.
  • PV has dropped to 3,273 kWh. The rain of April continued a while, but we had some very high scores this week (either side of the 20kWh/day mark) and things are brightening!
  • Sunbox is working, and I have got some figures now, but am using a new meter starting from Zero for both energy and volume, so it will take time to recompile a figure for them. The Tubes have their heat exchanger and are finally working. Energy readings will take time to build up.
  • Ground temperature is 12.5ºC. Massive leap ahead with three days of sunny weather over the weekend. The Manifold manhole has been bailed out, and let's hope that the ground temp gets higher in summer.

7 May 2012: Well, the world outside continues, even if rain is dampening everything to do with solar technology. The Leveson Enquiry grinds on with both James and Rupert Murdoch testifying - amazing people at how much can be 'forgotten' or 'not told them by their staff', even when the Guardian was delivering detailed accounts. Roy Hodgson was appointed England football manager, and within a day, the tabloid press was launching headline mocking attacks on him, initially for a slight speech impediment with his pronunciation of 'R'. Obama made a lightning trip to Afghanistan to make a speech (which I thought extremely risky, and would have been better done with Skype), The French Election had its final round and Mr Hollande won (hooray), and perhaps will be able to find another way from the European orthodoxy of austerity. I wonder if Carla Bruni will leave Sarkozy now that he is no longer in the limelight (but she has a small child to care for now).
    Britain had elections for local government, and the Labour party did magnificently capturing over 800 seats, and demolishing the Tories altogether in some regions. And in Edinburgh, a man dressing in a Penguin suit as Professor Pongoo and claiming to be from another planet got more votes than the Lib Dem (another hooray). The very bad news of the week was another triumph of Boris Johnson over Ken Livingston - he seems to be a bad prospect for London - it's a big enough city to survive 4 years of Boris, but I dread his influence if he lasts for 8 years, especially on tall buildings, and the chance he might push this manic idea for moving Heathrow to Canvey Island. What else? There are plans to put anti aircraft missiles on the rooftop of London blocks of flats (ha-ha!), and Japan decided to close all its nuclear reactors (although will this increase coal burning emissions or herald a major increase in renewable energy systems? (no sick jokes about Wave energy please!). What about the Peveril Solar house?

  • 4,902 kWh for the House and 2,907 kWh GSHP, the cold weather continuing and causing a rise in the annual consumption. I hope the warm weather returns in time to keep the figures below 5,000 and 3,000.
  • PV has dropped to 3,281 kWh. This is to be expected with continuous rain in April, and last April (2011) being a very sunny month!
  • Sunbox is working, and I have got some figures now, but am using a new meter starting from Zero, so it will take time to recompile a figure for them. The Tubes have done almost nothing in this rain.
  • Ground temperature is 11.0ºC. Stability, but not climbing. The Manifold manhole is still full of water and while rain is every day, there's no point in bailing it out. This must cause a system loss.

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