Monday, May 28, 2012

Work needed at East Leake

28 May 2012: Ive written to my friend in East Leake to ask him to revive the system that was installed last year. There were a number of reasons why it didn't work well, but none of these are insurmountable, and none were cause by the principles of the technology. They were to do with leaks in the plumbing. With the experience gained on the problems I had with Peveril in March'12, I know what we need to do to get it working again and avoid leaks in future. 
  • Raise the Sunbox temperature sensor and tape it to the radiator directly so that it records the liquid temperature. I am also going to do this to the Peveril Sunbox, even though I will be sorry not to have a reading as to the air temperature inside.
  • Track down the leaks he had at some joints and seal those. 
  • Fit an expansion tank to allow for periods of downtime, prevent future leaks.
  • Replace solenoid valve with 1, or probably 2 in line non return valves. I have two on my circuit.
  • Put in a solar controller if he would prefer it although this is not necessary because the AKO is better.
  • Put in airlock preventers in all possible locations, even though he doesn't seem to believe in these.
  • Put in a point where it is easy to top up the liquid level (I couldn't manage without mine!)
Re: the photo showing an afternoon shadow, there's not much one can do about this (bar shifting the house), but its not a problem if you gain plenty of energy for the majority of the day.

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