Saturday, June 16, 2012

Meetings, progress

15 June 2012: I've got a bit behind with posting weekly meter reports, although the records are of course being kept. Ive been busy, but also, the weather has been lousy. Last year, replacing a cold year (2010) with a warm year (2011) there was a beneficial effect on the annual figures. Although we are now doing the reverse, replacing a warm year with a cold year, I don't expect the figures to get back to what they were in the bad old days. 3,000 and 5,000 kWh/annum for the GSHP and House seem to be the attainable targets, and I have enough readings now to take a biennium period and calculate the difference and divide by two - to get a figure closer to an annual average.

The original design. The front profile
is less bulky, and less controversial for planning
application purposes. The mirrors are optional extras.
The corner mirrors were ineffective compared to
the effort in getting them up there.
Ive had two useful meetings this week. Monday, was with Mike Siebert of EcoLogic who will help us on the construction of the extension. This is still going ahead as far as we know, and we met his ground works expert who will do our slab, with my highly insulated details. It's a combination of self-build and Mike-build, with the timber and insulation from John A Stevens of Nottingham. The superstructure will be built in hand built SIPS construction, sandwich of OSB board and PIR insulation.

Holscot, ETFE
The meeting on Thursday was with David and Leslie Joyce of Holscot who are offering me ETFE frames with which to re-front the Sunbox. They had come to view the system and more clearly understand how it worked. Although I would not normally do this till 2013, it will be possible this year because we will need some scaffolding for the extension, so might as well do the sunbox at the same time. Scaffolding will be a lot more difficult in the future once the extension is built.
   If the ETFE is an improvement, I would return to the idea of the profile being close to the wall, i.e. projecting no more than 200mm like the original sunbox. There would be the option to have a mylar covered foot mirror, like before, to bounce heat upwards. ETFE is not reflective in the way that the original optical quality polycarbonate was.

  As the ETFE is soft transparent sheet, it would not be possible to lean a ladder against it, so I shall ask them to include a centre vertical mullion (which can be stiffened by an additional angle behind). This can take the lateral force from a ladder. I shall miss the effortless ease with which one can just pop-rivet into polycarbonate sheet. A new special edge detail is required to incorporate the ETFE frame without penetrating the ETFE sheet.

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