Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Circuit diagram with PVT

4 July 2012: Here is a modified circuit diagram for the addition of PVT panels on the south wall. The PVT will be on the south wall of the house.
    It will need more than the usual care with metering because the PVT energy will go though the same energy meter as the current Sunbox. I will have to read all three meters and then deduct the energy readings to calculate the Sunbox energy and volume flow.
    In terms of connection, it is relatively simple, as I can Tee into the existing pipes at the north end. These pipes will go through the wall into a vertical duct that can be seen in the rendering of the house extension.
     If I can I will do it with 15mm piping so that the liquid spends the least time possible in the duct. I have learnt from my earlier work that fat piping had some advantages (less flow resistance), but has disadvantages too apart from cost and bulk - mainly that too much of the liquid has to move before it gets to where it needs to go - to the borehole. If warm liquid sits in the pipe when the pump stops, all that useful thermal energy sits in the pipe and never got to the borehole. Each unit has its own pump, and has check-valves to prevent them interfering with each other.


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    1. Hi, and thanks for adding your comment and the link to your interesting site. My fall back plan if I don't get the PVT panels is to put up another two of the one sqm SolarFocus panels that I have already in the existing Sunbox. The circuit diagram will be the same, and I will have to form an ETFE box around them.


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