Monday, July 2, 2012

ETFE in 2013 perhaps

1 July 2012: I have written to Holscot asking them to delay supplying the ETFE front panel until spring 2013. I am convinced that ETFE would reward us with more solar capture on the Sunbox, and am curious to get it up there so I can measure it.
   The priority this year is the house extension, and that means the PVT becoming the next system for solar capture using my Surya method. I can't manage both of these at the same time, as the University term will be rocketing towards me, timewise, with the autumn term starting end of September. If it goes up, the PVT will be measured against the existing Sunbox for this coming year, and then I can consider the ETFE in 2013.
   Any new system that I proposed for another house would undoubtedly use ETFE if possible. The circumstances of my system at Peveril Solar house is that it is a prototype, and needs to be accessible for frequent maintenance or modification. The ETFE is quite a hazard if I am using a ladder, it could not take the weight of ladder legs leaning on it.

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