Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interseasonal heat storage in Suffolk

26 July 2012: I see from the Architect's Journal that planning permission has been given for a house in Suffolk that will use solar power for its electrical and heating needs. It will use interseasonal heat storage. The architect is Jerry Tate who is one of my students from the 1990s and to whom I once sold a Mac computer!
The client for this is a scientist and has developed his own design of solar panel (that will be solar thermal), that will be grid connected, but will store electricity also, in batteries, and will dump heat to the ground for recovery by a GSHP.
I will write more about this when I get back, meanwhile, I only have limited access to the web.
Jerry used to work for Grimshaws, the architects of the Eden Centre, and he is an expert on Gridshells, so the house is a gridshell, not an ordinary looking house like mine!

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