Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Net Zero Energy Building

10 July 2012: The professor who visited my house last week was Prof Ala Hasan of the Aalto University in Finland, and he is the President of the IBPSA-Nordic, (The Nordic Affiliate of the International Building Performance Simulation Association I emailed him with news of my efforts with the GDL thermal modelling simulation was delighted to get an email from him this week:
   Dear David, This is interesting!Your house is fulfilling the definition of Net-Zero-Energy Building (related to the electric loads for heating) according to the definitions we have in IEA SHC Task 40: Towards Net zero Energy Solar Buildings

This is similar to the Active House concept to which I am 100% subscribed. Far more interesting than Passivhaus!
.... and there is a link to the EnOB website, which has a world map of the Energy Optimized Buildings on their database. 

I shall have to see if these worthy organisations can add the house to their list of Net zero buildings. I have plans to take it further, with the addition of further PV panels and further solar thermal panels on the new extension.

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